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...the Investor Relations industry’s only portal that introduces public companies to tens of thousands of active and engaged individual investors each month.

Recognizing a need for consistent and engaging communications, three of the world’s leading organizations focused on education and disclosure to individual investors - BetterInvesting,
PR Newswire
and MUNCmedia -
aligned to create RetailInvestorConferences.com.

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Retail investors’
ownership of stock is decisively vital for many companies that need to develop new liquidity to raise capital and...

  • Have little or no Wall Street interest and activity

  • Need a retail investor base to complement their institutional presence

  • Want to forge deeper relationships with retail investors in context to Dodd-Frank reform and ongoing proxy access regulations

  • Issue regular dividends

  • Can leverage their marketing brand and generate “Investomers”

Furthermore, retail investors can be a solid and loyal ownership base for companies as they are apt to trade less frequently.

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